Dupont Yard, Inc.
Assuring Customer Satisfaction For Over 20 Years
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Dupont Yard, Inc. has engaged in the forest products industry in Southeast Georgia since 1982. Dupont Yard's manufacturing activities include the following:
  • Manufactures posts used primarily in agricultural projects and in highway DOT application.
  • Operates a mulch production facility and bagging plant, using 100% virgin pine timber and cypress wood to manufacture its mulch.
  • Operates a pine saw mill and planer mill.  The lumber is kiln dried and graded in accordance with the Timber Product Inspection Bureau, Inc.’s exacting requirements.
  • Produces wood chips as a fuel mix derived from the by-product of its post and lumber operation.
Dupont Yard recently installed a new state-of-the-art dry kiln heated by a green sawdust burner utilizing only renewable biomass fuel.

The Company insures that all of the wood fiber is manufactured into a valuable product. The smaller diameter trees and the tops of trees can be used for posts. The larger diameter trees and lower part of the tree are used for lumber production. The extreme top of the tree is used in its mulch and fuel chip production. The by-product from post and lumber production are sold as fuel chips and sawdust. The Company produces heat for its lumber drying kiln from sawdust produced in its lumber operations.

In 2013, Steve W. Conner purchased Hubert Moore Lumber Company in Alapaha, GA. The Lumber Company now operates as Dupont Pine Products, LLC. Dupont Pine Products has the capability to produce specialty timbers, decking, and corral boards in lengths up to 24 feet. For inquiries, contact Steve W. Conner at 912-218-4563.
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